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It’s never intentional, but the holidays always mess with my training schedule. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas my job gets more hectic, and then of course there is normal holiday hustle and bustle. This year that included a week away from the pups over Thanksgiving. Christmas we traveled for a few days and took the Golden with us. It was his longest car ride ever. He was fantastic! The eight hour drive didn’t phase him at all. Some fetch outside when we arrived helped burn off some energy, and then he settled in nicely to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

It’s taken several years, but I’ve finally gotten my parents trained to ask me before they give him treats. Mom asked before she buys treats, and they both check before feeding him other things. I allowed carrots and green beans, but told them no to the potatoes and bread (mostly because they’d already stuffed him full of carrots and green beans!) I also was pleased they asked before letting him lick plates.

We did very little training while visiting, but did go to the local General Store which allows dogs and got him lots of loving. He was great in my parents house and didn’t mess with his first Christmas Tree. He sat at Grandma’s feet as she prepared dinner, and didn’t beg or try to steal any of that delicious ham. He sat under our table as we ate, though he’d already figured out who was most likely to be swayed by puppy dog eyes.


The real challenge though was the car ride home. What is normally a seven hour drive ended up an eleven hour drive as we sat on the highway for over three hours, and then added an hour with the detour we had to take since an accident had closed the west bound lanes. He was a champ! He handled the delay far better than his humans. Oh he looked up as the firetruck blared by, and checked out the five ambulances that screamed past, but he didn’t bark, or whine, or pace, or move out of his seat. He definitely is a Very Good Dog!


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