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Well, actually it’s his second, but his first time to my vet. The Golden went to the Vet with the Breeder, and was checked out with the whole litter when he was six weeks old. I was along for that trip, but today was his first visit to my Vet.

Only it wasn’t my Vet. My Vet was on vacation. He’s hired another Vet to work at the practice, but we’d yet to meet. I was kind of hoping my Vet had warned him about me. He hadn’t.

The new Vet seems nice, but you could almost watch him trying to flip switches in his brain as I didn’t give him the expected responses to his questions and immediately refused a vaccine he’d already had prepared before even meeting me. It was part of their puppy protocol. Not part of mine!

“But you know….”

“Yes, I do. But I also know….”

*Blink* *Recalculate.*

“We need to schedule….”

“No we don’t.”


“Are you aware of this recent study…”

*Blink.* *Recalculate.*

In the end we had a really good conversation.

The Puppy did very well at the Vet’s office. We worked on our sits, downs, and stands while in the waiting area, and then in the exam room. We practiced “show teeth” which is his command to let someone examine his mouth, and had no problems with his ears being looked at.

All in all a successful visit!


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Yesterday, after a nice walk in the woods with the Golden I returned home and announced I would mow the lawn while the Husband worked on our hedge. I was going to mow, set up the ring gates and get some training in with the Labrador. Ah, the best laid plans…..

The grass was a little high, and the Nylabone was green. I missed it when picking up the toys to clear the way for mowing. The mower didn’t. It came out the back like a projectile weapon (or WMLD as we are now calling it — Weapon of My Leg Destruction), and nailed me in the leg. At first all I knew was that something hard struck me. I stopped the mower, yelled for my Husband and then realized I’d better sit down before I fell down. I wasn’t in pain yet, nor did I realize my jeans were becoming quickly soaked in blood.

Despite my insistence that he just get me some ibuprofen and let me “lay right here a bit” he was certain I needed to go to the Emergency Room. I’d moved from the chair to laying in the grass to prevent myself from falling there, just incase. I refused his offer to call an ambulance, laying there watching a plane fly overhead while he got my purse and our insurance cards. Out of ice, we improvised with frozen blueberries (such a waste!), and put pressure and blueberries on the wound while he drove me down the road to the ER.

Coming into an ER bleeding apparently gets you faster service. While this makes sense, it wasn’t something I really needed to learn. X-rays were first, followed by drugs and something to numb the area, which actually still wasn’t really hurting. I asked the doctor if I’d be able to go hiking tomorrow. He said sure! Good bedside manner, but damn he’s a liar. Then he started to clean it out. Still didn’t hurt, though it felt odd. And then he made a noise followed by, “Oh, this is deeper than I thought. Very deep.”

I trusted him and didn’t look.

It took them awhile to find the drain they wanted to install to help prevent infection. And by the time they did and started sewing it into me all the good numbing drugs started to wear off. Which meant the pain began to start. I really don’t like pain. When I was admitted they asked me to rate my pain on a scale from 1 to 10 — I told them maybe a 2. Now we were hitting 8, and rising. I could feel things I didn’t want to feel as he finished up stitching me back together like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

They cleaned me up, gave me some prescriptions and sent me hobbling home. Despite the drugs, the pain increased, and with the size of the bandage we had to cut my jeans to get them off me. Considering I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to get all the blood out, I have to say one of the nurses recommended hydrogen peroxide, and it did wonders for my shoes and socks.

So lessons learned:

  1. Triple check the yard for dog toys before mowing.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide gets out blood.
  3. Let husband do all the mowing, or wear shin guards!

I was supposed to have a private agility lesson with the Labrador today. Having just hobbled down the hallway to the bathroom moments before writing this, I couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image of me trying to work an agility course right now. My distance work just isn’t that good yet!!

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Tomorrow marks the puppy’s first week at home. And boy is he a bright cookie! We’ve been working on sits, downs, stands, comes and of course his name. He’s been exposed to a dremel, and blow dryer, a kiddie pool and sand. I had him walking around ring gates the other day. We’ve gone on woods walks and climbed over and under fallen trees. He’s played with his older sisters, who are continuing the lessons of his siblings of this play is fine, and this is too much. He’s had a car ride every day and done fantastically.

He is currently in an ex-pen right next to me enjoying a bone.

There is so much more I want to expose him too, and I already feel like time is ticking away! I know he won’t stay this cute and impressionable forever. That said I cannot wait to see what he looks like all grown up in his full coat!

While he attended class with the Labrador last week (staying in a crate and getting used to all the dogs moving around and working around him), Monday he starts his own puppy class. Sunday he has his first play date, and will get exposed to agility equipment. Wednesday will be his first visit to my vet, so we’ll make that as positive an experience as we can.

So much promise and potential here. I just hope I’m up to the challenge of giving him everything he needs to become a wonderful working partner, and happy dog!

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Last night we brought the new puppy home. It was late by the time we got home, already dark so we didn’t do much in the way of introductions. We let him run around his front yard a bit, waiting for him to do his business and then had a short visit with both the Lab and the Beagle.

The Lab responded with “THIS IS AWESOME! CHASE ME! Hey…why aren’t you keeping up??” The Beagle, well she was rather unimpressed, but handled it in a very dignified way which prevented Puppy from even trying to chase or pounce. Which considering the Beagle’s health is perfect.

The thing that amazed me first (you’ll find several things have amazed me about him already) is that he took the steps we have in the front yard. No hesitation. I do not recall how the Beagle handled steps, but I do remember we had to coax and work with the Labrador to get her doing steps. We started with one, and then over a series of days worked up to the whole flight. Golden took them as if he’d already been doing them his whole life. Now since I’ve been involved in the raising of this litter, I know for a fact this is not the case!

Last night Golden did sleep in the bed. He did perfectly fine. The Labrador was there as well, and while I didn’t sleep as deeply as normal, it wasn’t because he was doing anything to keep me up.

This morning of course we went right outside and took care of business. Breakfast was served, and then there was a little more introduction, with some playing. Golden and I then took off for an adventure in the woods. He was such a trooper! Stayed with me, following me through the woods off trail. I stepped over a fallen tree, and he tried to climb it, unable to make it over the first time. He started crying. I kept walking a bit, then turned around and told him to figure it out. He ran down a little ways and managed to get under it, bounding up to me grinning. I assured him he was a very bright boy and we kept walking.

Once home there was a little crate training, as it was time to grocery shop. Once we returned, all three dogs hung out as groceries were put up. The afternoon was then divided up between the pups. The Labrador and I practiced with bumpers. Then Beagle got her physical therapy work out and Beagle and Labrador got a walk. Dinner got me focused back on the Golden as we worked on sits, downs, stands, touch and “yes” as click with his dinner. He amazed me again. Now granted I was luring, but he was eager, responsive and so very gentle taking the kibble from my fingers. Something I’m definitely going to keep encouraging! I’m just so impressed with him. And very pleased at how well our first day went. Can’t wait to see what we get up to tomorrow!

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