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When we first got the Labrador and started going to classes, I had one goal. There was no plan to compete. I didn’t know what Rally was. I knew little about obedience, and I was certain agility was something only people with really good dogs did. The only thing I wanted was the Labrador to earn to CGC. I was convinced she was going to end up a hundred pound monster (she’s only 50lbs!) who was going to pull me everywhere and jump on every human being. This was not going to be allowed. So the goal was the CGC.

Tonight we finally achieved the goal. The Labrador earned her CGC! I am so very proud of her!


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I did a little traveling in November and came back with a cold. I had a sore throat and almost completely lost my voice. When I spoke this very sad, little croak would come out prompting everyone to feel sorry for me – except my dogs.

Now as what often happens with me is that the sore throat outlasts the feeling bad part. So one day I decided I was up to training and the pups had had enough time off! I decided to start with the Labrador, gathered up her collar and leash and went into the back yard. “Sit!” I commanded. She looked at me. I calmly put her into the position, though I was frowning a bit. Sit usually isn’t that hard. “Down!” She looked at me. I frowned. I had her attention, so that was good, but she wasn’t responding. I put her in the down then commanded “Sit!”

Sometimes I’m a little slow. She kept looking at me, and moved into the sit when I gave the hand signal, but it took me a moment to realize the issue. Sit didn’t sound like sit coming out of my sore throated, croaking little throat. She wasn’t sure what I was asking! At that point training turned into a fun play session and we left the real work for later!

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