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Beagles and Bunnies

I have had three beagles and one beagle/lab in the last 28 years. Three of these dogs weren’t the least bit interested in rabbits and in fact one of them actually ran the other way, away from a rabbit! Two of the beagles howled, one more than the other.

And then there is my current beagle. She doesn’t howl. She rarely barks. But she does do bunnies! A few years ago I heard this noise. I have no words to describe this sound. I went racing outside to find that the beagle had a small, young bunny pinned against the fence. It was screaming. She couldn’t reach the bunny, but had obviously chased it there where it pinned itself into a corner where that beagle muzzle couldn’t reach. The bunny took advantage of my approach and the beagle’s distraction to dart out and down the fence until it managed to find a place it could get under it.

Happy that the bunny escaped, and amused I finally had a “real” beagle, we went inside and enjoyed the rest of our evening. And I never really thought much about it, other than to joke from time to time about how the other beagles ran from bunnies and this one didn’t.

Then tonight my husband noticed that the dogs were doing “something.” His descriptive words, not mine. He went out to find they’d uncovered a bunny nest with two baby bunnies. He managed to get the beagle inside and into her crate, while I told the labrador to leave it. We knew we couldn’t just return them to the nest as it was in the middle of our backyard. Now that the dogs had found them, they wouldn’t have a chance. I’m guessing mom made the nest once we left on our vacation. I’m surprised it took the dogs this long to find it, though I had noticed the beagle nosing deeply into the grass around that area over the last few days.

My husband donated a sweatshirt and we bundled the bunnies into a box then started making phone calls. These cute little furries have been delivered to a local wildlife rehabilitator with hopes they’ll have a very happy bunny life.

Beagles and bunnies. What can I say? I finally have a “real” beagle!


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