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It was quiet a weekend. Saturday night the Beagle, who believes it’s her job to patrol the backyard, felt that something on the other side of the fence was too close. She barked to alert us and startled a young skunk. Thank goodness for the fence which deflected a majority of the spray, because even the smaller amount that hit her was more than enough. Also grateful for the rain which helped wash away the scent from the backyard a bit, but things were odiferous for a bit!

The Labrador thinks everyone and everything should be her friend. She knows it all just wants to play with her! Even then butterflies! Though we call her the Great Butterfly Killer, she’s only trying to play. It’s not her fault they are too fragile to survive being licked! It moved! It flittered! Wheeeee! It must want me to chase it!

Apparently this attitude extends to bees…. Yesterday she came inside shaking her head. She’s had a few ear issues recently so I didn’t look directly at her, just made a mental note to check her ear in a bit. I also heard her scratch, but again assumed it was the ear thing. Then I heard her go into her crate and lay down. She only does that when she’s feeling bad. I called her over, and panicked! My Labrador looked more like a Shar-Pei! Her head and face were swollen. Her normally slender muzzle was puffed up. We consulted quickly with the Vet, who came to the same assessment we did — bee sting! Benadryl apparently is just yummy with peanut butter, and by the evening she was only half Shar-Pei. Luckily she never showed signs of respiratory distress, so we never had to take her into the vet. This morning she’s down to a quarter Shar-Pei.

I am hoping they both learned lessons. Not everything needs to be chased. Skunks should be left alone. Bees do not taste like honey.

I am not holding by breath!


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The date of our next trial has been set.  It’s several months off, which gives us not only a lot of time to practice and prepare, but to save up.  This one is closer to home, so no hotel room should be needed, but both dogs will be entered.  Or at least that’s the current plan. 

The Labrador and I are currently doing Flyball classes and Agility classes.  We are hoping to squeeze enough money out of the budget to register for an Intermediate Obedience class later this month to return to working on our CGC.

My nights are filled with downs and stays, comes and overs, stands and sits.  But sometimes you just want to have a little fun!  So, the other day we started working on play dead.  The command we are using is “Bang!”  I’m hoping to have a rudimentary understanding trained by this weekend when we are having company.  It does seem that as impressive as the stays, downs, comes and sits are friends and family always seem more impressed and amused by the silly tricks! 

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