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Last week I thought I saw something odd on the Beagle. Under her tail there seemed to be a small bubble like protrusion. It was so small I wasn’t sure I was actually seeing anything. I made a mental note to keep an eye on the spot, and a few days later I almost had myself convinced I hadn’t seen anything. It seemed as if the spot was visible only when she held her tail a certain way. I spotted it again at the end of the week, still not sure it was anything out of the ordinary. My husband didn’t think it was, but that little voice inside me said it may be nothing, but if it’s different enough to have caught your eye, why not get it checked out.

The vet confirmed it was a lump. Based upon the location, he strongly recommended we have it removed and biopsied. We took her back in the next day for the procedure. The mass has been successfully removed and is off to the lab for a pathology report.

It was small. Very small. Smaller than first joint on the vet’s pinky. He was impressed we caught it. This is where knowing your dogs comes in. It’s important to take the time to know every bump, lump and fold on our canine companions so that when something changes we notice. Then it’s important to trust ourselves and our instincts when we think we find something out of the ordinary. I could have easily convinced myself it was nothing, just something I hadn’t noticed before. I’m glad I didn’t.

The beagle is doing well. She just finished running laps around the living and dining rooms, chasing her sister. I wonder if vets find the instructions, “Keep her quiet” as amusing as I do?


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